about me


I'm Frankie (she/her, LGBTQ+), owner, operator and head designer at Three Sisters Atelier. 

when I say I own a small business I mean small. it's made up of me and my sewing machine Mariah (because she's a Singer, get it?) I'm passionate about design and sewing, and creating one of a kind pieces for clients. I do my best to source my materials sustainably, from fabric right through to postal packaging, and operate on a made-to-order model.

my studio and any associated pages (website, socials etc) are 100% inclusive and a safe space for everyone - except bigots, I will not tolerate hate of any kind. ever.

my label is also inclusive to all body types - collection garments are available to order across all sizes on the spectrum, and can be custom sized, and the bespoke pieces are tailored specifically for your measurements, no muss, no fuss, just perfect fits.

I'm a FIRM believer that your clothing should fit you not the other way around, and I'm here to help you feel comfortable, powerful and radiant. 

I like to incorporate elements from things that inspire me in to my designs, predominantly astrology, witchcraft, and my favourite human Dolly Parton.

other things I like include my cats, the winter time and buffalo wings but I don't think I'll be creating a collection around those things any time soon. 

if you have other questions, hit up the contact page!

Me and Executive Head of the Spooky Spectre Department, Salem