bespoke garments



there's nothing quite like having a garment tailor made, just for you.

phase one is the most collaborative, this is where your idea is taken from your imagination and turned into something tangible. 

the first step is an initial phone conversation, this will last about 30 minutes and we'll have a quick chat to get to know one another. this initial consultation is really important as it gives us a chance to do two things:

  1. the exciting bit - you get to tell me all about your vision for your garment (what you want, when you want it by, if it's for a special occasion, ask any questions you have)
  2. we get to find out whether I'm the right fit for your project and whether your project is the right fit for me

if we're both happy to proceed from here, I'll send through a quote and terms and conditions that need to be accepted before we can move forward - this ensures 100% transparency and understanding for both of us! at this point a 30% non-refundable deposit is due, then we can book an in-depth design meeting!

this process is about making you feel comfortable and powerful. if you would prefer in-person meetings and it's geographically possible then face-to-face it shall be. prefer virtual? zoom it is! if you have any particular considerations around noise/textures/chat (besides what's absolutely necessary to get the job done) let me know 

at the design meeting we get to the finer details of the project, going over samples and sketches, how we want this to look and that to fit. by the end of the meeting we should have a clear idea of how we want the final garment to look, fit and feel, and most importantly that you love it (p.s. if you have any pets, you're welcome to bring photos of them to the design meeting and I'll make them a little matching bandana for free, I love pets)

I'll also take the necessary measurements at this meeting - again, your comfort is my priority here. if there are any considerations you would like me to make (e.g. measurements not being visible when noting, not saying numbers out loud etc.) please let me know

now we move to phase two - construction 

there'll be a minimum of three fittings during the construction phase, two for the mock-up and one for the final fabric. as with the design meeting, arrangements can be made whether you prefer in-person or virtual fittings.

once your unique pattern has been drafted, I'll create a mock-up using a lightweight cotton or calico. during the mock-up stage there are two fittings to ensure the fit and look are correct.

mock-up an example mock-up (photographed in studio) for a past client 

once we're happy with the fit and look of the garment, I'll begin the last stage, which is crafting the final garment. the garment will be hand made by me in my studio, and once it's done we'll have one more fitting to ensure you're happy with the fit and the look, and that you love the way you feel in the garment. 

 an example final garment (photographed in studio) for a past client

after the final fitting, I'll make any final adjustments and finishing touches. the balance remaining on your invoice will be due (if you have a gift certificate you would like to apply, it will be applied to the final invoice, and balance will be payable through standard payment methods). 

once payment has been finalised, your one-of-a-kind piece will be on it's way to you, either shipped or local delivery! ready to be loved for a lifetime. 

throughout the process you'll receive regular progress updates from me, and you are welcome to reach out with any questions or concerns you have at any point during the process. I also like to document my process through photos and videos for my social media channels, if you're not comfortable with this please let me know during the design meeting (no personal information is shown, and final reveal isn't uploaded until after you've received it - it is your garment after all!)



this is a POA service only. there is no set pricing for a custom garment, these could range from $400 to $2000+ and depend on a wide range of variables, including:

  •  the complexity of the garment
  • desired fabric
  • construction time etc

as I am a small business owner, my labour is factored in to the pricing, and I must pay myself a fair and liveable wage for the work done, the hours over the course of the process do add up.  

I do my best to source materials as cost effectively as I can to make this process as accessible as possible, and each project is quote on a case-by-case basis for this reason.