~ sustainability ~ inclusivity ~ integrity ~

the fashion industry, particularly high-volume, high-turnover and often low-quality fast fashion brands, have created a culture of exclusivity around clothing, promoting unrealistic standards for body shape and beauty and contributing enormously to a 'throw away' mentality around garments. 

in order to stay relevant, designers within the industry are pressured to release new styles regularly, anywhere from every two months to every day. on average, the industry is producing approximately 400% more clothing than it did 20 years ago, which leads to an enormous amount of waste from companies and individuals. the speed with which brands are pumping out products is at the sacrifice of quality, and garments are durable for approximately five to seven wears before ultimately finding its way to landfill. 

Three Sisters Atelier actively works against this modern ideology. not only the environmental impact (why wouldn't I want to try and protect the planet - I live here!) but the negative impact on body image, self-esteem, and inaccessibility to creative expression. 

I work every day to create not only high-quality garments that are designed to be loved for generations, but to create an empowering experience for each client. every person deserves to feel special and wonderful, and everything I do centres around that. 

through every aspect of my business I'm conscious of impact, from inclusive branding to individual considerations during the bespoke process. 

vision statement:

by creating one-of-a-kind garments, Three Sisters Atelier aims to make luxury fashion accessible to every unique individual, promote body positivity and acceptance, and create a community based on inclusivity and integrity 

mission statement:

the vision of Three Sisters Atelier will be achieved by creating a luxurious experience for clients from all communities. by engaging with and listening to each individual's needs, high-quality bespoke garments will be created that combine timeless style and functionality tailored to each person's needs. each garment will be made-to-order, minimising waste and ensuring the perfect fit and feel every time

I'm here for you, and I care about you! 

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