what I do

what do I do here at Three Sisters Atelier? 

glad you asked - have you ever wanted a specific item of clothing, maybe a garment you want to wear to a special event? you look around the shops for ages, and you find some nice stuff but the quality isn't the best, and you don't really feel comfortable? or maybe the pattern isn't what you had in mind, or the fit just isn't quite right?

well, that's exactly what I do. through an extensive collaboration process, I conceptualise and bring to life the perfect garment for each and every client. I can be as involved in the design process as much or as little as you like, if you know exactly what you want - amazing! if you're a bit unsure but you have a vibe you want, also amazing! 

each client's comfort is taken into consideration throughout the entire design and manufacturing process to make sure that the garment you are receiving is exactly what you have in mind. 

each piece is loving hand-crafted in my studio with care and attention.

I also offer the following auxiliary services:

  1. alterations
  2. repairs
  3. sew-for-you (you have a pattern you love but can't make heads or tails of it)

if you have something in mind, my DMs are always open.